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AG Linneweber - Developmental Origins of Individuality

Freie Universität Berlin
Institute of Biology
Königin-Luise-Straße 1-3
14195 Berlin

Emmy Noether Group leader:

Gerit Linneweber

Tel.: +49 30 838 63080
Email: gerit.linneweber@fu-berlin.de

Mashup present and past research.

Mashup present and past research.

Developmental Origins of Individuality

We are interested in the developmental origins of Individuality. To investigate this, we are using the vinegar fly Drosophila melanogaster. The scope of our work ranges from variability in development to variable circuits and behavior. We are equally interested in what can go wrong in individual nervous systems and how this leads to problems in individual properties and behavior.

We just started our group, and if you ever wanted to know more about the origins of individuality, either as a member of the public, as a prospective Bachelor, Master, or PhD Student, or Postdoc please get in touch with Gerit (gerit.linneweber@fu-berlin.de).