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Tietjen Group - Theoretical Ecology

Group picture AG Tietjen June 2022

Group picture AG Tietjen June 2022

Königin-Luise-Straße 2/4
Building Gartenhaus
14195 Berlin

The aim of the Theoretical Ecology group is to understand how small-scale processes and interactions impacts biodiversity, and how this relates to ecosystem functioning and ecosystem services in a changing world.

To assess future ecosystem functioning and the supply of ecosystem services, it is essential to understand how processes, abotic and biotic interactions, diversity and other ecosystem properties influence the dynamics of ecosystems. For this, we use different approaches and modelling tools, such as mechanistic, spatial-explicit simulation models, differential equations or different statistical appraoches. We use these tools to enhance our understanding of emerging properties, to assess potential impacts of climate change, as well as to determine alternative land use strategies to prevent or reverse undesired changes in ecosystems.