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Schmülling group

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schmülling

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schmülling

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schmülling

Phone: +49 30 838-55808
Secretary: +49 30 838-55801
Fax: +49 30 838-54345
E-Mail: tschmue@zedat.fu-berlin.de

Research interests


  • Schmülling, T. (2003) Metabolismus und Signalübertragung der Cytokinine. Biospektrum 3/2003, 256-259. Externe Internetseite PDF
  • Schmülling, T. (2004) Cytokinin. In Encyclopedia of Biological Chemistry (Eds. Lennarz, W., Lane, M.D.) Academic Press/Elsevier Science. PDF
Cytokininfunktion Cytokinin metabolism and funktion
Key publications:
  • Werner, T., Motyka, V., Strnad, M., Schmülling, T. (2001) Regulation of plant growth by cytokinins. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 98, 10487-10492. External link PDF
  • Werner, T., Motyka, V., Laucou, V., Smets, R., Van Onckelen, H., Schmülling, T.(2003) Cytokinin-deficient transgenic Arabidopsis plants show multiple developmental alterations indicating opposite functions of cytokinins in regulating shoot and root meristem activity. Plant Cell 15, 2532-2550. External link PDF
    See also the editorial in Plant Cell External link PDF
  • Werner, T., Schmülling, T. (2009) Cytokinin action in plant development. Curr. Opin. Plant Biol. 12, . External link PDF
Cytokininsignaltransduktion Cytokinin signal transduction
Key publications:
  • Heyl, A., Schmülling, T. (2003) Cytokinin signal perception and transduction.Curr. Opin. Plant Biol. 6, 480-488. (Review) External link PDF
  • Spíchal, L., Raková, N.Y., Riefler, M., Mizuno, T., Romanov, G.A., Strnad, M., Schmülling, T. (2004) Two cytokinin receptors of Arabidopsis thaliana,CRE1/AHK4 and AHK3, differ in their ligand specificity in a bacterial assay.Plant Cell Physiol. 45, 1299-1305. External link PDF
  • Riefler, M., Novak, O., Strnad, M., Schmülling, T. (2006) Arabidopsis cytokinin receptor mutants reveal functions in shoot growth, leaf senescence, seed size, germination, root development and cytokinin metabolism. Plant Cell 18, 40-54. External link PDF
Differenzierungsmutanten Plant differentiation mutants: TSD and TUP genes
Key publication:
  • Krupková, E., Immerzeel, P., Pauly, M., Schmülling, T. (2007) The TUMOROUS SHOOT DEVELOPMENT2 gene of Arabidopsis encoding a putative methyltransferase is required for cell adhesion and co-ordinated plant development. Plant J. 50, 735-750. External link PDF

Member of Dahlem Research School
Member of Dahlem Centre of Plant Sciences
Member of CRC 973