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Characterization and optimization of multivalent ligand interactions with viral glycoproteins

In cooperation with Prof. Andreas Hermann (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin) we study the inhibition of influenza A virus fusion with target membranes by multivalent binding of highly functionalised nanoparticles to the fusion mediating virus protein hemagglutinin. Such particles should provide the basis for studies on multivalent amplification of inhibitory effects. For this purpose, gold nanoparticles covered with differently structured ligands are developed in the group of Prof. Rainer Haag (FU Berlin). To study both the binding of particles and the inhibition of virus cell entry (including fusion) direct imaging techniques such as TEM, AFM and Fluorescence Microscopy as well as indirect assays for measuring hemagglutination, fusion and infection are used.

SFB765, Subproject C6 (Böttcher / Herrmann)