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Divya Putta

Research: Synthesis and characterisation of novel radical stabilised N-Heterocyclic phosphenium cations which can potentially be used in Lewis acid catalysis, radical catalysis reactions, as well as stabilising transition metals in coordination chemistry.

Lara Mauro Šibila

Research: A new approach to the cyaphido-(CPˉ) and cyarsido-(CAsˉ) ligands: Photochemical generation, characterization, and follow-up chemistry of LnM-C≡P and LnM-C≡As complexes.

Lea Dettling

Research: Synthesis of novel triazaphospholes and corresponding triazaphospholenium salts and phosphorous-containing mesoionic carbenes to obtain detailed information on their synthetic access, reactivity and coordination chemistry in order to realize new applications.

Moritz Ernst

Activation of white phosphorus with main group elements, organometallic compounds, and transition metal complexes. Synthesis, reactivity, and coordination chemistry of different phospholide anions.

Richard Kopp

Synthesis and reactivity of boryl and pyridyl functionalized phosphinine ligands and development of 5 phosphasemibullvalene derivatives and their application as P(III) ligands in homogeneous catalysis.

Samantha Frank

Synthesis of trimethylsilyl-substituted phosphinines and their application as Lewis bases in classical or frustrated Lewis pairs for activation of small molecules such as terminal dienophiles. Photochemical di-π-methane rearrangement of phosphabarrelenes to phosphasemibullvalenes.