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Andrey Petrov

Research: "Chlorine free" functionalization of white phosphorus. Pentaphospholide’s reactivity towards C≡E (E = C, N, P) triple bonds. Chemical and physical properties of low-coordinate phosphorus heterocycles: phospholides, azaphosphildes, phosphinines.

Daniel Frost

Research: Synthesis of novel triazaaroles and unknown triazaarsolenium salts, exploration of their synthetic access, their characterization, their properties, their reactivity as lewis acids and their coordination chemistry in detail. Investigation of further low coordinate arsenic compounds like arsaalkynes, arsaalkenes and arsininesare.

Synthesis of new phosphinines and their respective phosphabarralenes and phosphasemibullvalenes for potential application in homogenous catalysis.

Jinxiong Lin

Research: Synthesis of unknown 2-aminophosphinines, exploration of their synthetic access and their characterization, their properties, their reactivity and their coordination chemistry in detail. Furthermore, application of these P, N ligands as novel small bite angle ligands in homogenous catalysis in selected reactions.

Lara Šibila

Research: A new approach to the cyaphido-(CPˉ) and cyarsido-(CAsˉ) ligands: Photochemical generation, characterization, and follow-up chemistry of LnM-C≡P and LnM-C≡As complexes.

Lea Dettling

Research: Synthesis of novel triazaphospholes and corresponding triazaphospholenium salts and phosphorous-containing mesoionic carbenes to obtain detailed information on their synthetic access, reactivity and coordination chemistry in order to realize new applications.

Moritz Ernst

Activation of white phosphorus with main group elements, organometallic compounds, and transition metal complexes. Synthesis, reactivity, and coordination chemistry of different phospholide anions.

Richard Kopp

Synthesis and reactivity of boryl and pyridyl functionalized phosphinine ligands and development of 5 phosphasemibullvalene derivatives and their application as P(III) ligands in homogeneous catalysis.

Tim Görlich

Research: My research focus is the exploration and isolation of the extraordinary cyaphide anion, either as discrete salt or as ligand in transition-metal complexes. This topic is tightly interconnected with the synthesis of various phosphaalkynes, which are used as building blocks for the synthesis of different heterocyclic and cage-type compounds.