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The Master's thesis is to be written in English and should be approximately 15,000 words excluding data appendices.

Please note:

- the thesis must be submitted in electronic form as a PDF file by e-mail to the Biology Examination Office. Paper versions no longer need to be submitted. (Decision from 04.08.2021). The PDF file must contain the text in machine-readable form, not just graphically, and must not have any rights restrictions.

- The logo of Freie Universität Berlin may not be used for theses.

- Both supervisors/reviewers are usually named in the thesis.

- Included in the thesis is the so-called "declaration of independence", in which you declare that you "have written the thesis independently and have not used any sources and aids other than those specified and have identified them as such".

- The thesis must be signed by you.
Please discuss any further questions regarding layout etc. with your supervisors.