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Submission of the Master's thesis

The Master's thesis must be submitted by e-mail to pruefungsbuero@biologie.fu-berlin.de as a PDF file by the deadline on the day you have been notified as the "latest deadline" (by midnight). The PDF file must contain the text in machine-readable form, not just graphically, and must not have any rights restrictions. (Examination board decision from 04.08.2021)

The thesis will then be sent to the reviewers by the Examination Office with the request to prepare the reviews.

If the Master's thesis was the last outstanding examination, please submit the completed and signed "Application for Graduation (certificate)", which you can find on our Examinations Office homepage, when you submit your Master's thesis. By submitting this application, you indicate to us that you have completed all the work required for the Master's degree and would now like to receive a certificate. (For more details, see the section "Application for Graduation and exmatriculation")