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Compensation for disadvantages due to chronic illnesses, disabilities and other reasons

Many students have a disability or chronic illness - physical or psychological - which can lead to additional burdens. To ensure that they still have equal opportunities to complete their studies and examinations, they can apply for compensation for disadvantages, which grants them the right to pre-book courses or time extension of examinations, for example.

However, many of those affected would prefer to complete their studies in the normal way. They often find it difficult to disclose themselves to others. Nevertheless, difficult situations can arise during the course of their studies that could have been avoided if they had received support at an early stage.

Take advantage of our confidential advice

We would therefore like to offer students with health impairments due to disabilities and/or chronic illnesses the opportunity to take advantage of our confidential advice as early as possible. We would like to support you individually in finding the right paths and help for you. This often involves obtaining compensation for disadvantages, but other options are also possible.

Your contacts

In order to receive disadvantage compensation in the beginning or during your studies please contact

Compensations can include entitlement to pre-booking of courses with limited numbers of places and compensations regarding course participation and exams.

special needs

The Counseling Center for Students with Disabilities and with Chronic Illnesses offers confidential counseling on all issues related to access without barriers. The Counseling Center supports students in applying for disadvantage compensating regulations for equal participation in courses, exams and practical courses. In addition, the Counseling Center initiates measures for accessibility and inclusion of students with disabilities and chronic illnesses in all areas of the university.

  1. The Counseling Center will assess your situation and then, if applicable, provide you with a letter of recommendation.
  2. Please forward this letter as PDF file to your Examination Office. Based on the recommendation letter the Examination Board will then decide according to your situation.
  3. Compensation is only effective after the Examination Boards has considered your situation and granted compensation. About this, your Examination Office will notify you by e-mail.
  4. If you have been granted compensation, please ALWAYS contact lecturers at the beginning of each course to inform them and discuss how to proceed. The Office of Academic Affairs is happy to help you contact your lecturers.

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