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Things which are different in German

More facts and less ideas

When you send an application for our master program, we are not very intensively interested what you intend to do in our master program, but what you did in your previous chemical education instead!

  • For the application there is no need to have a proposal for any research activity at hand.
  • For the application there is no need to have previously got into contact with any of our teaching staff.
  • For the application there is no need to have a letter of recommendation.

There will be no entrance exam, but we carefully check all courses of your bachelor program. Your chance will be poor if you send your application without a syllabus. Carefully ensure that there is a detailed description of all courses certified in the transcript of records.

Carefully prove what you did in the lab-courses with your own hands. A list of the experiments would be nice! We would like to know, what you did - we are not interested to know the whole set of courses or experiments of a lab course.

In a German master program you will do not any research activity which will end in a PhD degree, but you will have several research labs instead - each of them taking a couple of weeks and best performed in different fields of chemistry. The PhD-program here is only performed after having finished a master program.