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What kind of questionnaire do the students receive?

A department-wide evaluation questionnaire that takes into account the specificities of biology, biochemistry, chemistry, and pharmacy as subjects has been used since June 2014. Representatives from all status groups (including students) developed the questionnaire in a working group organized by the education commission. It was then approved by the Staff Council of Freie Universität and adopted by the department council of the Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy.

The questionnaire sections can be used in conjunction with each other for different course and module types. Sections about online teaching materials or examinations can also be included.


A questionnaire for a module made up of a lecture and practice sessions with a subsequent examination includes the following sections:

Introduction + Lecture + Practice Session + Examination + Conclusion

A questionnaire for a seminar without an examination includes the following sections:

Introduction + Seminar + Conclusion

When putting together the questionnaire sections, we use the course types listed in the course catalog as a guide. We are also able to adjust these, so please get in touch if your course type varies from what is stated in the course catalog.

Questionnaire sections: