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I am in my first year of teaching at Freie Universität Berlin – are there special conditions that only apply to me?

In keeping with the university’s evaluation guidelines, we attach strong importance to evaluating academic staff who are teaching for the first time. This approach allows new instructors to rapidly acquire experience and aptitude in this area. The Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy at Freie Universität Berlin evaluates every instructor who is holding a lecture or seminar for the very first time.

Unlike the other surveys, these questionnaires are done on paper. The questionnaire for assessing teaching competence (LeKo) was developed and validated at Freie Universität Berlin. It is based on indicators for assessing quality teaching and includes the following aspects:

  1. Imparting knowledge and supporting understanding
  2. Motivating students
  3. Guiding and mediating interactions between group members

The results of the surveys may also be used as input for further training at the Dahlem Center for Academic Teaching.