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What Master’s Degrees in Chemistry does Freie Universität offer?

Freie Universität offers three different master’s degree programs in the field of chemistry, each tailored to meet specific educational and professional goals:

  • The M. Sc. Program in Chemistry is designed to further deepen theoretical and practical skills in Chemistry, while also delving into the latest methods and techniques employed in chemical research.
    Chemical research spans a wide spectrum, ranging from investigations into radioactive metals for their applications in nuclear medicine, to the complete synthesis of natural compounds, and the advancement of novel synthesis techniques. This field is dedicated to exploring the properties, transformations, and functionalities of various substances. From quantum mechanics to density functional theory the Master’s Degree in Chemistry encompasses a wide range of theoretical knowledge.
  • The M. Sc. Program Polymer Science is an interdisciplinary program created and administered by Freie Universität Berlin (FU), Humboldt University Berlin (HU), Technical University Berlin (TU) and University of Potsdam (UP). Polymer Science encompasses chemical, physical, engeneering, processing and theoretical aspects, with significant implications for modern materials science. Its primary objective is to lay the groundwork for the creation and characterization of polymeric materials, as well as to understand the relationships between their structure and properties.
    More detailed information can be found on the website of Polymer Science.
  • For those pursuing a career in teaching at integrated secondary schools, the M. Ed. Chemistry degree program is specifically designed to build upon the foundational subject knowledge and pedagogical skills acquired during their undergraduate studies. More detailed information about this program can be found on the website of the Dahlem School of Education (DSE).