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Grow Your Team

When people get involved in a project work and get to know each other, one thing must not be missing: team spirit. The employees of the Hochschulport headquarters will select the strongest team for us. A great part in the evaluation is, of course, the photo documentation as well as the video presentation of the individual teams.

Price: 3 hours climbing event

Criteria from the jury:

1) Group pictures and videos

a) Quality: Every team members is in the video/on the picture = maximum points
(less team members are shown, less points will be received)

b) Quantity: 8 group pictures of different meeting & one video every four weeks on the website = maximum points
(less media, less points)

2) Bonus points

a) presentation of decision making process

b) recognizable belonging to the team e.g. the complete team on pictures and in videos, same t-shirts

c) group acitivites beyond the projects - when the teams meets not only for maintaining the plant box

d) common future projects - when it´s visible that because of the work during Grow Your Network new projects were developed