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Support Point for Mental Wellbeing at the Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy

Studies and surveys have shown: Many students and employees of Freie Universität have suffered from the restrictions during the Corona pandemic and other crises. The need for counseling and assistance has increased significantly. For this reason, the  Center for Academic Advising and Psychological Counseling set up several “support.points” - points of contact on campus where students, doctoral students, faculty, and staff with problems and questions about mental health can spontanously get in touch with trained psychologists.

In open consultation hours without long waiting times, the support.points offer talks on any kind of psychological stress. The consultations are confidential, the staff members are bound to secrecy. If desired, conversations can also be conducted anonymously.

Nina Göritz

Nina Göritz

The support.point at the Department of Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacy is located at Fabeckstraße 36 A in room 216.

E-mail: Nina Göritz, support.point.bcp

All support.points, including those at other departments, are open to all members of Freie Universität during their respective office hours.

No individual concern is too big or too small to visit a support.point. Possible concerns can include:

  • anxiety about exams
  • procrastination
  • feeling lost in your studies/on campus
  • stress
  • financial worries
  • personal conflicts
  • or support in finding a psychotherapist.

The psychologists working there will help you to clarify your mental health concerns, find initial solutions, and refer you to support services.