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Dealing with business e-mails - Netiquette


1. For official matters, please use only your Zedat email address.

"For official matters, the e-mail address of Freie Universität Berlin must be used for electronic communication, both as a receiving address and as a sender address. The automatic forwarding of e-mails received at the business e-mail address to mail systems that are not operated by Freie Universität Berlin is not permitted.."
(see IT security policy from 04.04.2019 - Part III, 8.7, M60)


2. Please let us know who you are (Signature text).

E-mails in business communication should contain information about the sender.
They should therefore contain at least the following information:

- full name
- business address
- membership of a working group, if applicable
- availability by phone (phone number)
- business email address (Zedat)

In common mail clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail, there is a "signature" or "signature text" function for this purpose. This allows the sender information to be automatically appended to each new or forwarded mail.

3. Describe the problem / request to us:

If you contact us with a problem or request, please keep in mind that the colleagues in support do not know the conditions on your site. In addition to the actual description of the problem or request, further information are very important:
- Manufacturer and model identification of the device and/or type.
- Operating system
- Assisted/unassisted system, if applicable.
- Network name
- Name of the network socket to which the device is connected.
- Since when does the problem occur or when did it work the last time?
- Does a problem occur with other users as well?

(!) For requests concerning your account, please remember to provide us with your Zedat username. (!)