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The Margherita-von-Brentano-Prize is named after the first woman who was in charge as vice-president of the Free University of Berlin, to encourage her principles of self-critical and self-contemplating gender research and feminist science.
Margherita von Brentano di Tremezzo (1922-1995) got her doctorate in philosophy at Martin Heidegger and habilitated as assistant of Wilhelm Weischedel. Since then she taught until her retirement as professor at the institute of philosophy of the Free University of Berlin. For the first time considerations about the situation of women at the University in one of her lectures appeared in 1963. In following articles, she presented the discrimination of women in science as part of the entire problem of the conception of women and men in the society.
The price was awarded for the first time in 1995 and since then every two years. Last time was in summer 2017. It is awarded to individual persons and projects, that do projecting and shaping work in the field of female promotion and/or gender science in the university context.

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