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Department Internal Female Promotion

Line of funding

The female promotion program comprises two lines of funding:
(1)    Personal promotion:

This promotion serves in particular the area of career development and requires temporarily and thematically clear outlined limits.
In this funding line, we promote for an example participations at conferences with an own contribution and trainings or workshops, which facilitate women the getting involved in science or rather promote the career development. There are also resources for employees in the technical area or administration, if another budget does not exist. Apart from trips to conferences you can get support for study tours, publications and important purchases for your research.

(2)    Thematic promotion:

The promotion of this funding line supports projects in which gender aspects and research playact. The promotion can work as an initial funding, if applicable as a co-financing and must show definite realizability.
In this funding line, we promote for an example conferences and workshops for promising researchers, the participation at conferences concerning gender aspects in the range of subjects of the department and other scientific events who promote the linking and visibility of gender research at the department of biology, chemistry, pharmacy.

The promotion of applications concerning the first line of funding be made generally up to a 100%.

Criterions for the award

The female promotion committee decides about the award by means of different criterions:

concerning (1):

  • visible effect on career development
  • financial provision of the working group (e. g. junior-professorship?)
  • subsidizing from the female promotion pool during the previous years

concerning (2):

  • thematically closeness to gender research
  • realizability

Promotion beneficiary

For a promotion in the line of funding (1) “personal promotion” just female members of the department of biology, chemistry, pharmacy have the right to apply. For (2) “thematic promotion” every member (women and men) of the department can make an application. The person applying and the favoured person shall have an obvious relation to the indicated project and the Free University of Berlin.

Application and selection procedure

  • Application documents: The application should contain a short accompanying letter with a justification and a description of the project (max. 2 pages) and a statement of costs of the applied amount. Applications for (1) “personal promotion” need additionally a curriculum vitae of the applicant and a statement of the leader of the working group. The leader shall comment on why there are no other resources for the promotion of the applicant. Maybe other documents are requested from the female promotion committee.
  • Address: Applications must be send in electronically with all requested documents (as a pdf-document). The address is: bcpfrau@zedat.fu-berlin.de. You can also write in case of further inquiries.
  • Application deadline: Applications can be send in continuously. There isn’t any deadline. Just consider applying in advance of the beginning of your project.
  • Selection: The female promotion committee decides about the applications, if necessary in consultation with professorial reports.