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Here you can get a general idea of events concerning female promotion at the department of biology, chemistry, pharmacy.

Girls’ Day

The Girls’ Day takes place once a year at the beginning of the summer term. It’s a nationwide project who lives because of the participation of many different institutions such as the Free University of Berlin and with her the department of biology, chemistry and pharmacy. The chief gender equality officer coordinates and organizes in cooperation with the respective local women’s representative and gender equality officer the framing of the event. The professors and their working groups of the institutes and departments organize the exciting workshops. The aim is to inform girls from 5. to 10. grade about the research diversity and the formation possibilities at this university: “What do you do in this or another subject of study? Do I want to be a professor?”. The workshops of the Girls’ Day focus especially on future-oriented, natural scientific and technical professions, particularly on such with a low rate of women in leading positions. The workshops shall increase the interest of the girls for those careers and occupations and amplify their awareness of the diversity of possibilities. We are very happy about the interest for all the workshops and grateful for the participation of the professors and working groups!

More information: https://girlsday.fu-berlin.de/

Gathering of the women of the department

The local women’s representative and gender equality officer invites each term to a gathering of all women of the department of biology, chemistry, pharmacy and men interested in gender equality. It provides the possibility to get to know each other, to network and exchange information while having a cup of tea or coffee.
The next gathering at the department of biology, chemistry, pharmacy will occur in the summer term 2018. More information will be published in advance here and in the calendar.

Survey of the gathering on 10th of November 2017 (German only)