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Possible Courses

We have selected a number of courses from our bilingual (English/German) Master Program. The language of the lectures is commonly English (or English summaries and extra seminars will be given).

A few of the selected lectures (particularly such which were taken fom aur Bachlor Course) are exclusively given in German. They are only suitable for students, who are already familiar with the German language.


For a better overview, we present the available lectures, seminars and lab classes separately assigned to the classical branches of chemistry: Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry. The links will guide you to a detailed description of the content of the classes in English. You may also find there a brief summary in Portugese. For a full study programm, the lectures, seminars and lab courses should be combined with research labs to be arranged in the research groups of our institute. Research labs are matter of individual arrangements between the students and the professors. For an overview of the research interests of the chemistry professors please inspect their web pages.


Additionally to the descriptions of the individual courses above, we have summarised a couple of courses to packages, which might be suitable for one-year education in distinct major areas (for details see here).