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PD Dr. Renate Radek

Renate 2021_05

Rolff Group - Evolutionary Biology

Institute of Biology

Freie Universität Berlin

Associate Professor

Königin-Luise-Straße 1-3
14195 Berlin
+49 30 838-461356
renate.radek [at] fu-berlin [dot] de

Personal profile

2012 – at present

Associate Professor at the Free University of Berlin, Institute of Zoology, Evolutionary Biology, Chair Prof. Dr. Jens Rolff

2009 – 2011

Associate Professor at the Free University of Berlin, Institute of Zoology, Protozoology, Chair of Prof. Dr. K. Hausmann

2000 – 2008

Research and Teaching Assistant at the Free University of Berlin, Institute of Zoology, Protozoology, Chair of Prof. Dr. K. Hausmann

1996 – 1999

Research and Teaching Assistant at the University of Heidelberg, Institute of Zoology, Chair of Prof. Dr. V. Storch

1989 – 1996

Research and Teaching Assistant at the Free University of Berlin, Institute of Zoology, Protozoology, Chair of Prof. Dr. K. Hausmann


Research and Teaching Assistant at the University of Bonn, Institute of Cytology, Chair of Prof. Dr. K.-E. Wohlfarth-Bottermann

1985 – 1987

Doctoral study at the University of Bonn, Institute of Cytology, Chair of Prof. Dr. K.-E. Wohlfarth-Bottermann

My main interest is the investigation of mutualistic and parasitic protists from insects. Using light, transmission and scanning electron microscopy, I analyze the biodiversity, biology (e.g. life cycle stages) and structure of protists. In collaborative projects, molecular methods support the analysis of e.g. phylogeny and host specificity of the protists. One major field of interest are the symbiotic gut flagellates of lower termites (e.g., description and phylogeny of new flagellate species and genera, or of the associations of the flagellates and their bacterial symbionts). A second field of interest are spore-forming protists from cockroaches and beetles. Present work focuses on infections with the unicellular fungal taxon Nephridiophagales (phylogeny, impact on the host, life cycle details). Further investigated pathogen taxa are microsporidia and coccidia.

Current collaborations

Termite flagellates: Prof. Dr. Andreas Brune, Max-Planck-Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology, Marburg. Insect pathogens: Prof. Dr. Mustafa Yaman, Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University, Turkey. Prof. Dr. Andreas Linde, University of Applied Sciences Eberswalde, Germany. Dr. Jürgen Strassert, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.

Third-party funds

DFG-Project „The multiple symbioses of flagellates and their bacterial endo- and ectobionts in dry wood termites: an analysis of ultrastructure, phylogeny and cospeciation“ together with Prof. Dr. A. Brune, MPI Marburg (2007 – 2011).
DFG-Project „Host-parasite interaction in the endobiotic basal fungal lineage Nephridiophagidae and its insect hosts“ (2017 – 2022).

Editorial board member

Acta Protozoologicasince2005, European Journal of Protistology since 2005, Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology since 2012, Turkish Journal of Zoology since 2022

Involvement in the organisation of meetings

IX International Congress of Protozoology, 1993 in Berlin
25. Scientific Meeting of the German Society for Protozoology, 2006 in Liebenwalde (close to Berlin)
VI European Congress of Protistology, 2011 in Berlin as Secretary General

Member in learned societies

Berlin Microscopical Society (BMG)
German Society for Protozoology (DGP)
International Society of Protistologists (ISOP)


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