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Vladimir Bajić “Baja”

Vladimir Bajić

Vladimir Bajić

(He, Him, His)

| E-mail: vladimir.bajic@fu-berlin.de | Room 115 |

Baja is interested in human population genetics, human evolution, and anthropology. Particularly, he is interested in sex-biased migrations and admixtures. Some of the best-known examples of sex-biased migrations are those from historic periods. For example, the trans-Atlantic slave trade and European colonization of the Americas were both predominantly male-biased. These migrations coupled with cultural practices resulted in sex-biased admixture. This is why we find higher frequencies of “European” Y chromosome haplogroups than “European” mtDNA haplogroups in admixed Native-American and Afro-American populations. In his current project, he is using simulations in order to understand better the interplay between the choice of the genetic markers used to estimate sex-biased gene flow, the time since the admixture, and the strength of the sex bias.