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PD Dr. Christian C. Voigt



PD Dr. Christian C. Voigt

AG Verhaltensphysiologie
Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research
Alfred-Kowalke-Str. 16
10315 Berlin


Tel:          ++49-30-5168-517

Fax:         ++49-30-5126-104

E-Mail:     voigt(at)izw-berlin.de


I am interested in both proximate (i.e. physiological and ecological) and ultimate (i.e. evolutionary) questions related to the biology of wildlife species, especially bats. In my research group at the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research, we combine field and laboratory work and use various methods, such as stable isotopes, respirometry, endocrinology, immunology, behavioural observations among others, to better understand the ecology, physiology and evolution of wildlife species. In particular, I am interested in the question how wildlife species respond to the increasing encroachment of human populations in natural ecosystems. Please visit the web page of my group at www.batlab.de


Publications since 2010:

von Busse, R., Rye, M.W., Swartz, S.M., Voigt, C.C., Breuer, K.S. (2014) the aerodynamic cost of flight in theshort-tailed fruit bat (Carollia persicipillata) – comparing theory with measurement. Journal of the Royal Society Interface. accepted

Schneeberger, K., Czirjak, G.A., Voigt, C.C. (2014) Frugivory is associated with low measures of plasma oxidative stress and high antioxidant concentration in free-ranging bats. Naturwissenschaften accepted.

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Lewanzik, D., Voigt, C.C. (2014) Artificial light at night puts ecosystem services of neotropical bats at risk. Journal of Applied Ecology in press.

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Voigt, C.C., Klöckner, P., Touma, C., Neuschl, C., Brockmann, G., Göritz, F., Palme, R., Thomsen, R. (2014) Hormonal stress response of laboratory mice to conventional and minimally invasive bleeding techniques. Animal Welfare 22: 449-455.

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listed as second most viewed article in Biology Letters for 2010.

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