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Dr. Christelle Rochefort

2004 - June 2007

FU-Berlin, AG Prof. Scharff: Postdoc, Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation Fellow

1. Regulation and function of adult neurogenesis in Area X, a nucleus of the striatum involved in song learning

2. Functional characterization of FoxP2 in vitro and in vivo

3. Behavioral consequences of induced cell death

since July 2007

Team 1, researchgroup Director Serge Laroche
Laboratoire NAMC, Université Paris Sud, Orsay, France
"Cellular and molecular mechanisms of plasticity and memory"

Homepage: nwww.namc.u-psud.fr

Gene ZIF268 in rats an the relashionship to learning memory in hippocampus, virus against ZIF, memory tests, immunohistochemistry, synaptic plasticity studies.

Phone:       0033-1-691 530 74

E-Mail:       christelle.rochefort(at)snv.jussieu.fr