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5 key publications

  • Mueller-Xing,, R., Clarenz, O., Pokorny, L., Goodrich, J. and Schubert, D. (2014). Polycomb-group proteins and FLOWERING LOCUS T maintain commitment to flowering in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Cell, 26: 2457-2471. Link
    Cover article for June issue of The Plant Cell.
  • Lafos, M., Kroll, P., Hohenstatt, ML, Thorpe, F.L., Clarenz, O., Schubert, D. (2011). Dynamic Regulation of H3K27 trimethylation during Arabidopsis differentiation. PLOS Genetics 7: e1002040. Link
    Evaluated in the Faculty of 1000
  • Schatlowski, N., Stahl, Y., Hohenstatt, M. L., Goodrich, J. Schubert, D. (2010). The CURLY LEAF interacting protein BLISTER controls expression of Polycomb-group target genes and cellular differentiation of Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Cell 22: 2291-2305. Link
    Evaluated in the Faculty of 1000
  • Schubert, D., Primavesi, L., Bishopp, A., Roberts, G., Doonan, J., Jenuwein, T. and Goodrich, J. (2006). Silencing by plant Polycomb-group proteins requires dispersed trimethylation of histone H3 at lysine 27. EMBO J. 25: 4638-4649. Link
  • Schubert, D., Lechtenberg, B., Forsbach, A., Gils, M., Bahadur, S. and Schmidt, R. (2004). Silencing in Arabidopsis T-DNA transformants: the predominant role of a gene-specific RNA sensing mechanism versus position effects.Plant Cell 16: 2561-2572. Link
    Evaluated in the Faculty of 1000

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