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Genomic Diversity of Arnica through time - Master Project

Watch evolution happen

Genetic diversity is one of three dimensions of biological diversity explicitly protected by the United Nations' Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). But how can we keep track of it? In a pilot study, we will test the use of time series data of samples taken from individual populations of the medicinal plant Arnica (Arnica montana), which has suffered a dramatic decline over the last decades. How can these data be used to evaluate the success of management and population reinforcement measures, and can we see time-dependent variability or differences in the respective populations' rate of clonality?

Using Restriction-site Associated DNA-Sequencing (RADseq), we will sequence a defined part of the genome of Arnica samples from several populations and years. Subsequently, the samples will be genotyped based on their sequence information in comparison to the Arnica reference genome, and compared through time. Regular communication of the research progress via social media and other channels is part of the project.

  • Methods: PCR and other wet lab methods, Illumina sequencing, bioinformatic data analysis
  • Start: from August, at the latest from Dezember 2024



Member of the DCPS