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Elisabeth Dantas Tölke*, Julien B. Bachelier, Elimar Alves de Lima, Marcelo José Pena Ferreira, Diego Demarco, and Sandra Maria Carmello-Guerreiro

Osmophores and floral fragrance in Anacardium humile and Mangifera indica (Anacardiaceae): an overlooked secretory structure in Sapindales

News from Mar 01, 2019

Our study published in AoB Plants in Open Access with the support of FU Berlin, reports for the first time the presence of osmophores (or scent glands) in flowers of Anacardiaceae and confrms the link between the ultrastructural features of their secretory cells and the volatiles produced by the flowers. Like in Anacardiaceae, flowers of most other Sapindales are also nectariferous, but the presence of osmophores has only been described for very few genera of Rutaceae and Sapindaceae. Our study thus suggests that both the occurrence of osmophores and fragrance may have largely been overlooked in Anacardiaceae and Sapindales until now, and further studies are needed to better understand the nature and diversity of the interactions of their nectariferous flowers with their pollinators.

Open access: https://academic.oup.com/aobpla/article/10/6/ply062/5115806

Author for correspondence: Elisabeth D. Tölke (email: elisabeth.tolke@gmail.com)

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