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Clubroot resistance

This project continues earlier work on the transfer of different clubroot resistance genes from resynthesized B.napus into breeding lines of oilseed rape. A major result of the previous work is the clubroot resistant cultivar ‘Mendel’ (released by NPZ). ‘Mendel’ combines race-specific clubroot resistance with high yielding capacity. The aim of our present work is the identification of additional resistance genes which will contribute to durability of clubroot resistance in oilseed rape. Molecular markers will be developed to support breeding and designation of resistance loci.

Fig. 1: Root tumors induced by Plasmodiophora brassicae on a susceptible B. napus breeding line (left) vs. healthy roots of the resistant cultivar ‘Mendel’ (right, 21 dpi)

Fig. 2: Different marker systems are applied to identify markers that can be used for marker-assisted selection and for genetic studies. Here: A microsatellite marker (top band) that correlates with dominant resistance in a BC population.

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