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Jasmin Cirillo

(1) Original Journal Articles - (reviewed)

Cirillo, J. (2001) - Ingroup/outgroup effects of whispered vocalisations. Advances in Ethology 36: 137-139.
Todt, D., Cirillo, J., Geberzahn, N. & F. Schleuss, F. (2001) - The role of hierachy levels
in the vocal imitation of songbirds. Cybernetics and Systems 32: 267-283.
Cirillo, J. & D. Todt (2002) - How birds memorise and retrieve information encoded on
different hierarchy levels of singing. Neural Information Processing 9: 1574-1578.
Cirillo, J. & D. Todt (2002) - Decoding whispered vocalizations: relationships between
social and emotional variables. Neural Information Processing 9: 1559-1563.
Cirillo, J. (2004) - Communication by unvoiced speech: the role of whispering. Anais
Academia Brasiliera de Ciencies 76: 413-424. PDF
Cirillo, J. (2004) - Why whispering could have evolved through biological ritualisation.
Revista de Ethologia 5: 153-154.
Cirillo, J., Veit, F., Zilber, R. & D. Todt (2004): Mirror-directed behaviors of Bottlenose
Dolphins tested in a large open-sea enclosure. Europ.ResearchCetaceans 15: 59-62.
Cirillo, J. & D. Todt (2005) - Perception and judgement of whispered vocalisations.
Behaviour 142: 113-128. PDF
Bhattacharya, H.,Cirillo, J., Suba,B. & D. Todt (2007) - Song performance rules in the oriental magpie robin (copsychus salauris).
Our Nature Vol 5: 1-13. PDF
Bhattacharya, H.,Cirillo, J. & D. Todt (2008) - Universal features in the singing of birds uncovered by comparative research.
Our Nature Vol 6: 1-14. PDF

(2) Invited Contributions to International Conferences (reviewed abstracts)

Cirillo, J. (2001) - Left-side preferences in the encircling of new objects by Arabian Babblers.
In: Proc. Internat Congress of Neuroethology, Bonn, p. 187.
Cirillo, J., Todt, D. & A. Zahavi (2002) - Features of visual object exploration in Arabian
Babblers (Turdoides squamiceps): Evidence for lateral preferences. In: Proc. 23rd
Internat. Ornitholog. Congress, Beijing (China), p. 219.
Cirillo, J. (2004) - Auditory vigilance and effects of exposure to unvoiced speech. In: Proc.
XX Internat. Bioacoustic Council, Belém (Brazil), p. 367.
Cirillo, J., Strassert, J. & D. Todt (2004) - Structural universals in the singing behaviour of
European birds. In: Proc.1st International Conference on Birds and Environment,
Haridvar (India), pp. 126-127.