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Learning and Memory

How are memoires formed? How are memories retrieved and translated into behavioral decisions? We investigate these questions in the honeybee. In close collaboration with our experimental partners we analyze behavioral and neurophysiological data and we formulate computational and abstract models of learning and memory formation. In the NeuroCopter project we test insect-inspired spiking neural network models with plasticity as central control units of autonomous robots.


This project is funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research within the Bernstein Focus Neuronal Basis of Learning: Insect inspired robots - The role of memory in decision making.


Prof. Dr. Randolf Menzel, Freie Universität Berlin

Prof. Dr. Dorothea Eisenhardt, Freie Universität Berlin

Dr. Martin Strube-Bloss, Universität Würzburg

Dr. Paul Szyska, Universität Konstanz

Related Publications

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