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M.Sc. Rinaldo Betkiewicz


AG Neuroinformatik

Institut für Biologie - Neurobiologie

Freie Universität Berlin

PhD Candidate

Research interests

I am interested in the insect olfactory system as a stereotype model
for neural computation. My main focus is on odor representation in
Drosophila and the Honeybee at different levels of olfactory
processing such as the antennal lobe and the mushroom body. The key
questions comprise how the input representation interplays with
neuronal variability. What is optimal in terms robust learning and
memory traces? My approach includes theoretical models and simulation
of large scale, realistic spiking neuronal networks.

My current project is aimed towards understanding how the connectivity
structure and typical characteristics of neuronal networks, interact
and constrain neural computation, i.e. the representation of a sensory
input. The approach to decouple the interactions, opens a perspective
on a new class of computational paradims in structure-dynamics
interaction. In particular, in a model of the insect olfactory system, I am
interested in using this approach to understand odor invoked
spatio-temporal patterns and established a link to a odor memory