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Dr. rer. nat. Farzad Farkhooi

AG Neuroinformatik

Institut für Biologie - Neurobiologie

Freie Universität Berlin


Königin - Luise - Strasse 1-3
14195 Berlin Dahlem

Research Interests

My research interests focus on the investigation of
noise-signal-relationships and I aim to understand how signal can be
utilized while the nervous system is sensitive to random perturbations.

My approach is to develop analytical tools and theoretical understanding
of the dynamical states in neural networks and systemic models that
mimic aspects of the dynamics and architecture of local neuronal
populations in the nervous system. These theoretical studies are based
on statistical models, the theory of stochastic systems in statistical
physics, and the mathematics of non-linear dynamical systems. I then
extend the theoretical understanding by numerical simulations of
biologically realistic network models. In my work, both theoretical
motives and their application for neuronal data analysis are
intermingled and are used for providing experimentally testable