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PhD theses

  • Meckenhäuser G (2014) Temporal aspects of the processing of calling songs in Orthoptera. urn:nbn:de:kobv:188-fudissthesis000000096976-8 [link] [PDF]
  • Häusler C (2014) Data Science for Neuroscience - The Brain as Inspiration, Model and Data Source. urn:nbn:de:kobv:188-fudissthesis000000096408-5 [link] [PDF]
  • Pamir E (2013) From behavioral plasticity to neuronal computation. An investigation of associative learning in the honeybee brain. urn:nbn:de:kobv:188-fudissthesis000000094475-1 [link] [PDF]
  • Farkhooi F (2011) Emergent properties of spike frequency adaptation in neuronal systems. urn:nbn:de:kobv:188-fudissthesis000000025213-9 [link] [PDF]
  • Meyer A (2011) Characterisation of Local Interneurons in the Antennal Lobe of the Honeybee. [link]
  • Berger D (2009) Intrinsic and functional aspects of neuronal synchrony in primary visual cortex. urn:nbn:de:kobv:188-fudissthesis000000011955-7  [link] [PDF]
  • Denker M (2009) Interpreting the local field potential as a reflection of cooperative neuronal spiking dynamics. urn:nbn:de:kobv:188-fudissthesis000000014224-0  [link] [PDF]

Master and Diploma theses

  • Gabler S (2012) Representation of chemical features in the insect antennal lobe (supervised by Dr. Michael Schmuker)
  • Helgadottir L (2012) Controlling an autonomous robot using spiking neural networks (supervised by Prof. Dr. Martin Nawrot)
  • Kasap B (2012) Inhibitory Spike-Timing Dependent Plasticity in a Spiking Neural Network Model Inspired by Honeybee Antennal Lobe (supervised by Dr. Michael Schmuker)
  • Rost T (2011) Modelling Pattern Recognition in Cricket Phonotaxis (supervised by Prof. Dr. Martin Nawrot and Prof. Dr. Matthias Hennig)
  • Rosenbaum T (2011) Analysis of networking capabilities in the olfactory system of the honeybee (supervised by Prof. Wolfgang Roessler and Prof. Dr. Martin Nawrot)
  • Häusler C (2010) Of Neuromorphic Classifiers and Insect Inspired Microcircuits (supervised by Dr. Michael Schmuker)

Bachelor theses

  • Krex F (2012) Virtuelles Screening von Duftmolekülen mit dem EVA Deskriptor (supervised by Dr. Michael Schmuker)
  • Winter C (2012) Identifizierung von funktionellen Regionen im lateralen Horn von Drosophila melanogaster (supervised by Jan Soelter, examination by Prof. Martin Nawrot und Dr. Renard)
  • Kolbe S (2012) Implementierung und Testung von Koh� arenzmethoden
    zur Analyse neurokognitiver Signale (supervised by Dr. Sascha Tamm and Prof. Dr. Martin Nawrot)
  • Meyer J (2011) Echtzeitanbindung von Sensorelektronik an die Simulation neuronaler Netzwerke (externally supervised by Prof. Martin Nawrot)
  • Stiller S (2007) Olfactory Coding in ?-extrinsic neurons of the honey bee. (supervised by Prof. Martin Nawrot)