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Helgadottir LI, Haenicke J, Landgraf T, Rojas R, Nawrot MP (2013) Conditioned behavior in a robot controlled by a spiking neural network. 6th International IEEE EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering, San Diege, USA, Nov 5-8, p. 891 - 894 [PDF] [video]

News from Sep 12, 2013


Insects show a rich repertoire of goal-directed and adaptive behaviors that are still beyond the capabilities of today’s artificial systems. Fast progress in our comprehension of the underlying neural computations make the insect a favorable model system for neurally inspired computing paradigms in autonomous robots. Here, we present a robotic platform designed for implementing and testing spiking neural network control architectures. We demonstrate a neuromorphic real-time approach to sensory processing, reward-based associative plasticity and behavioral control. This is inspired by the biological mechanisms underlying rapid associative learning and the formation of distributed memories in the insect..

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