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"Robots with Insect Brains", Interview article with Dr. Tim Landgraf & Prof. Dr. Martin Nawrot

News from Feb 14, 2014

Robots with Insect Brains

The technology news platform "Kurzweil Accelarating Intelligence" published the interview article "Robots with Insect Brains" to cover the interdisciplinary project NeuroRover/NeuroCopter. This project develops artificial brains modelled after the biological brains of insects in order to equip autonomous robots with a nervous system that is able to process sensory input, to control behavior and to learn by experience. The project bridges between the Institute of Biology, Department of Neuroinformatics headed by Prof. Dr. Martin Paul Nawrot, and the Institut of Informatics, Bioinformatics Lab, Department of Intelligent Systems and Robotics headed by Dr. Tim Landgraf and Prof. Dr. Raul Rojas.

KurzweilAI represents a technology report on advances in information technology, both in biology and machine.

Original publications

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