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New Paper - Six networks on a neuromorphic computing substrate

"Six networks on a neuromorphic computing substrate" appears in Frontiers in Neuromorphic Engineering.

News from Jan 21, 2013

In this study, we describe the implementation of six functional networks on the Spikey neuromorphic hardware system: A synfire chain, a balanced random network, a soft winner-take-all network, a cortical layer 2/3 attractor model, an insect antennal lobe model and a liquid state machine combined with a tempotron. This study demonstrates the flexibility of the Spikey hardware system. Moreover, these networks can serve as functional building blocks of a large neuromorphic computing system.

Neuroinformatics member and project leader Michael Schmuker contributed the insect antennal lobe model in this collaboration with the Electronic Vision(s) group at Kirchhoff-Institute for Physics, Heidelberg University.

The paper is open access and available online (preliminary version until typesetting is complete).

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