Research Interests

Fields of Research: Supramolecular Chemistry, Mechanically Interlocked Molecules, Self-Assembly, Surface Chemistry, Low Molecular Weight Gelators, Multivalent Binding, Gas-Phase Chemistry of Non-Covalent Complexes and Oxido Clusters

Research Topics

Anion Recognition

Molecular Recognition

Fundamental studies into molecular recognition concern the synthesis of receptors in particular, but not only for anion binding through weak non-covalent bonds...


Template Effects for Rotaxane Synthesis

Non-covalent template effects fix a molecular thread inside a macrocycle cavity and ensure the efficient synthesis of mechanically interlocked molecules such as rotaxanes...

Metallosupramolecular Self-Assembly

Metallosupramolecular Self-Assembly

Metallo-supramolecular self-assembly processes lead to the programmed formation of cages, polygons and polyhedra with interesting self-sorting effects...


Self-Sorting Processes

Self-sorting processes utilize the program built into a supramolecule's building blocks and direct the assembly into one or only a few out of many possible structures...

Multivalent Pseudorotaxanes

Multivalent Pseudorotaxanes

Detailed thermochemical analyses of di- and trivalent pseudorotaxanes help understand cooperative binding and improve the synthesis of multiply threaded rotaxanes...

Multilayers on Gold Surfaces

Macrocycle & Rotaxane Multilayers on Gold

Coordination chemistry is used to deposit sequence-programmed multilayers of nanometer-sized tetralactam macrocycles and switchable rotaxanes on gold surfaces...

Logic Gates Based On Gels

Low Molecular Weight Gelators

Crown-ether substituted low molecular weight gelators form stimuli-responsive gels that operate as logic gates and are useful for applications in biocatalysis...


Gas-Phase Chemistry of Dendrimers

Fragmentation and H/D-exchange experiments in the gas phase provide new insight into the structure, reactivity and dynamics of dendrimers and their host-guest complexes...


Gas-Phase H/D-Exchange Processes

Gas-phase H/D-exchchanges unravel details of the dynamics within weakly bound supramolecular complexes and provide insight into mechanistic details and binding motifs...

Bismuth Oxido Clusters

Mass Spectrometry of Oxido Clusters

(Tandem) MS provides insight into cluster nucleation and growth, ligand exchanges and gas-phase fragmentations within the ligand shell and the cluster core...