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Article in Nachrichten der Chemie

From harmless proteins to insoluble plaques

News from Sep 01, 2017

New Publication in Chem. Med. Chem.

Fragment-based screening using native MS

News from Jun 21, 2017

New Publication in Angew. Chem.

Glycan analysis using IR spectroscopy

News from Jun 12, 2017

Review in Angew. Chem.

Review on glycan analysis by ion mobility-mass spectrometry

News from Jun 08, 2017

Review in Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

Review on investigating protein-ligand interactions by IM-MS

News from May 15, 2017

6th Berliner Chemie Symposium

Our group successfully took part in the 6th Berliner Chemie Symposium

News from Apr 12, 2017

Analytical Chemistry Award for Kevin Pagel

News from Apr 04, 2017

Review in Curr. Opin. Struct. Biol.

Gas-phase study of amyloid formation and inhibition

News from Mar 24, 2017

Review in Expert Review of Proteomics

Investigating presynaptic calmodulin targets

News from Feb 27, 2017

New Publication in Analytical Chemistry

Identifying common glycan motifs using ion mobility

News from Feb 03, 2017

New Publication in ACS Chem. Biol.

Glycan identification using native mass spectrometry

News from Dec 19, 2016

Report in Tagesspiegel

News from Dec 14, 2016

New Publication in JASMS

News from Dec 05, 2016

Schering Prize for Stephan

News from Nov 11, 2016

New Publication in Nature Chemistry

Following β-Sheet Formation in Peptide Amyloid Assemblies

News from Sep 26, 2016

Cover Picture in Analyst

News from Sep 19, 2016

New Publication in Angewandte

Retention of native protein structures in the gas phase

News from Sep 08, 2016

New Publication in PCCP

Impact of the environment on the site of protonation

News from Aug 22, 2016

New Publication in Analyst

Gas-phase microsolvation of ubiquitin

News from Jul 27, 2016

New Publication in PCCP

Investigating the H-bond network of polyalanine-based peptides

News from Jul 05, 2016