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How do you assign to courses?

Information on how to assign to courses (in German). We will explain you in detail how everything will work on Monday, October 19th.

Differences compared to the last years:

Many of the courses are shown differently this winter term. This is due to the pandemic and the risk of a new closure of the university, in which case we could not offer the practical parts of the courses. That´s why we decided to split the courses/modules into smaller sub-modules. This way, we can guarantee that you will get credit points for at least the theoretical parts, in case that attending (parts of) the courses in presence will again not be possible.

In the best case, courses will take place as planned, with lectures and seminars via (live) streams, and lab work in presence. In this case, there would not be any real difference for you, except that in Campus Management there might show up two modules instead of one.

To give you an example: The course "Molekulare Mikrobiologie und Mikrobenphysiologie" would usually be rewarded with 15 credit points. This year, we decided to split the course into a 5 credit points theoretical part and a 10 credit points practical part. The whole course consists of the two parts and you would get, as usually, 15 credit points for this course. Only in case that during the winter term lab work would become impossible, you would be getting (only) the 5 credit points of the theoretical part.

Overview about all changes

Note that courses without changes are not listed. Clicking on the credit points opens detailled explanation about the 'new' course (Modulbeschreibung).

Course ID


Credit points (as in 'normal' years)

Split into (only for winter term 20/21):
'Theoretical part' (these credit points are guaranteed) 'Practical part' (will take place if lab work is permitted)
23300 Molecular Phylogentics 10 CP 5 CP 5 CP
23306 Experimental and Theoretical Evolutionary Ecology 15 CP 5 CP 10 CP
23410 Molekulare Mikrobiologie und Mikrobenphysiologie 15 CP 5 CP 10 CP
23420 Molekulare Neurogenetik 20 CP 5 CP 15 CP
23421 Molekulare Pflanzengenetik 15 CP 5 CP 10 CP
23422 Methoden der Pflanzenmolekularbiologie 20 CP 5 CP 15 CP
23431 The Structure and Function of Neural Circuits 15 CP 5 CP 10 CP
23440 Molekulare und Chemische Ökologie von Pflanze - Tier Interaktionen 15 CP 5 CP 10 CP