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Information for MSc students regarding the wintersemester 20/21 (neu 19.8)

Dear biology / biodiversity master students (from 3rd semester on) at Free University Berlin,

a very warm WELCOME BACK at the Institute of Biology to all of you!

Here, we would like to provide you with all the important information about specific challenges and important dates and deadlines of the 2nd “Online-Corona-Semester”. We will furthermore explain all the details and the unusual circumstances and will offer you the opportunity to ask your questions, express your concerns, and give some feedback in case you would like to do so in a specific online event for which we will give you a date and a time here as soon as possible.

Everybody should keep in mind the following dates: 19.Oct-23.Oct 2020!

Those are the most important days for your pre-semester, because within this week, Dr. Zacher (office of study affairs) will distribute all the classes. That means one more time, you will have to carefully read the website that we provided for you.

We would like to ask you to send certain information to us until a certain deadline! Everything will be explained in detail on the homepage or in the e-mails that we might send you. This will be crucial and will enable us to distribute the master classes to you again online only.

For everybody who is allowed to pre-book his or her courses, because you are a parent for example, you will be able to do so, most probably this semester from September on already until October 2020. The exact dates will depend on many other organizational issues that we will have to plan before and we will publish the specific dates here as soon as we can.

In general, all lectures and seminars will take place again online only. For practical trainings, we can only tell you so far that PIs will offer whatever possible, but we are afraid to tell you that it will not be the same as usual, as you can imagine.

We will offer again online exam formats, for example E-Examination@Home, Webex-talks, oral exams or written reports, or essays. Taking a certain exam for a specific course will again require registration until a specific deadline that will be published by the teaching staff at the beginning of the course.

Being able to successfully complete your classes will be the main focus of our organizational concepts again. That means, especially for “Lehramts-master students”, we will try to avoid overlaps as much as anyhow possible and will therefore plan with sometimes unusual, maybe odd hours like having class from early in the mornings or sometimes even on a Saturday.

We will adapt to the ongoing changes together with you and will try to help you cope as much as possible including staff working for you at the office of student affairs (Dr. Zacher), the student counselling office (students at the FUB) and the mentoring office (Dr. Petri and mentors).

Let’s make the best of the current situation by working all together for a great winter semester 2020/21 at the Institute of Biology at Freie University Berlin.

Office of study affairs (Dr. Zacher), Mentoring BCP (Dr. Petri), student counselling office biology, and Prof. Jens Rolff, executive director of the institute of biology at FUB