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3. Fachtag 'Gender, Diversity & Career Development'


Dear doctoral students, dear researchers, dear interested people,
I am very pleased to invite you to the 3rd Fachtag "Gender, Diversity & Career Development" on Friday, June 23, 2023 with workshops in English and German at the FU Berlin, SupraFAB building, Altensteinstr. 23a, 14195 Berlin!
This day we will talk about diversity and communication:
·       What is the meaning of language? How can you use language in an appreciative and diversity-conscious way, e.g. in the daily work environment, in team addresses or in research proposals?
·       How can you present your scientific topics confidently? How can I succeed in speaking in front of others with fun and confidence?
·       What role do unconscious biases play in teamsettings? Which strategies can help you deal with your own and others’ unconscious biases and improve team work?
Does that sound interesting? You are warmly invited to participate!
More information is given in the attached flyer.
You can get credit points for your IRTG curriculum.
The workshops are ment for PhD students, PostDocs & interested persons.
I look forward to your registration!

Please send a mail to me (gender-diversityCRC1449@bcp.fu-berlin.de or gender-diversity@sfb1078.de
contact: Dr.in Sarah Huch), giving the information which of the workshops you want to join!
Registration is possible until June 20th, 2023.
Do you have any needs, wishes, questions about equality and mentoring?
Come and meet me and Christine Eßmann-Stern & Prof.in Constance Scharff (womenʼs representative) at the Fachtag at our lunch or evening talk.
We look forward to the exchange!
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Please feel free to share this invitation with anyone interested.
See you then, enjoy summer!


Sarah Huch
Dr.in Sarah Huch (she/her)
Consultant and Coordinator for Gender & Diversity
(CRC 1449, 1349, 1078 and TRR 227)
Tel:   +49 30 838 63 462
E-Mail: gender-diversityCRC1449@bcp.fu-berlin.de