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Una Europa PhD Impact Competition // Deadline: September 15

News vom 10.07.2024

The Una Europa PhD Impact Award aims to recognise and celebrate the impact, and potential impact, of research and researchers across the alliance. We invite doctoral researchers to reflect on their research practice, to consider how it impacts on society and contributes to the world.

Researchers are invited to complete a short PhD Impact Award case study template aimed at a non-scientific, non-technical audience. The case study should outline the impact or potential impact of the research e.g. on society, the economy, the environment, health, education, technology, culture or policy.

The winners of the award will have the opportunity to participate in a storytelling workshop (online) and be invited to the Una Europa Gathering in Bologna, Italy (27–29 November 2024) to showcase their research to the Una Europa community and meet with other researchers from the field of Future Materials. Travel and accommodation support will be provided to go to Bologna.

Application deadline: 15. September 2024

More information: https://www.una-europa.eu/opportunities/una-europa-phd-impact-competition


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