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Berlin University Alliance: TALKs & NETWORKING Events - online

News vom 10.02.2022

The Graduate Studies Support will offer four Networking events this year: 1st Thursday in March, June, September and December. Each event will start with a Talk on a topic that was requested by doctoral researchers. Afterwards there will be a networking session to broaden your network.

First lecture: March 3rd ,2022 (18:00-20:00)

The lecture "How to finance your Doctorate" is aimed at doctoral researchers in the initial phase of their doctorate. Where and how you can finance your doctorate, which legal and collective bargaining regulations you have to observe, but also what you have to pay attention to when applying for a scholarship or a PhD position, will be addressed in this lecture.


Please register on Lounjee.  There you will be informed about the event "Talks on various topics and Networking Events" and find the access link. Register as follows: 

  1. first create an "Attendee account" : https://ecr-berlin.app.lounjee.com/signup
  2. secondly please log in here: https://ecr-berlin.app.lounjee.com/login
  3. join the group "Early Career Researchers Berlin" and enter the special Code: ECR-BUA
  4. register for the event (there you will find the access links): https://ecr-berlin.app.lounjee.com/dashboard/events/61efe7f260d9d6e2d64092ca


If you have any questions, please contact: graduatestudies@berlin-university-alliance.de

We recommend using the browser Google Chrome during the whole retreat (please clear cache in advance) to be able to use all functions in the event platform Lounjee. Alternatively, Firefox works (please update in advance). The use of other browsers may lead to functional restriction

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