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New Doctoral Program Natural Sciences

News vom 01.10.2021

The Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy and the Department of Physics jointly establish a program for doctoral students in the natural sciences under the umbrella of the Dahlem Research School.

"The doctoral program Natural Sciences takes into account the numerous interdisciplinary research activities in the natural sciences and will promote and expand joint research and education," explains Beate Paulus, Professor of Theoretical Chemistry and spokesperson for the doctoral program.

Mandatory components of the program include discussions with the supervisory team, regular participation in a scientific colloquium or seminar, and the annual presentation of the own research work. Also mandatory are courses on good scientific practice and diversity dimensions. "In this way, we help doctoral students avoid scientific misconduct and reflect on their actions with regard to diversity and discrimination," explains Roland Netz, Professor of Theoretical Physics and deputy spokesperson for the program. Further events on the specific project or on overarching scientific and interdisciplinary topics are planned.

Overall, the participating doctoral students broaden their horizons, exchange ideas across disciplinary boundaries, build a network and are prepared in depth to take on junior positions at universities and research institutes as well as in public or private institutions. Those who successfully complete the program can choose between the titles "Ph. D." and "Dr. rer. nat.".

Further information

New participants are being accepted on an ongoing basis.

Website: www.fu-berlin.de/naturalsciences

Simone Schlender, Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy
Dr. Britta Anstötz, Department of Physics

E-mail: office@dpns.fu-berlin.de

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