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Wanted! ECR Planning Team for Conference on Good Scientific Practice

News vom 06.06.2021

The Berlin University Alliance is in the earliest stages of planning its second annual discipline-independent conference for early career researchers (ECR) from across all scientific disciplines), scheduled for October 2021.

We want the conference to provide a space for exchanging experiences, sharing knowledge, and networking. The ultimate goal would be to enable ECRs to improve the quality and robustness of their scientific work all throughout the research process. We are looking for ECRs who want to join a core-team to draft and design a concept for the conference and will have weekly online-meetings throughout June for brainstorming. This is a great opportunity to create an event especially for the interests and needs of ECRs striving to do good (and better) science.

If you'd like to join us, please let us know by 3 June, 2021 and kindly provide a brief (2-3 sentences) description of your interests/ideas/thoughts/suggestions for a BUA- / ECR-conference. We will coordinate that ECTS-points (3-4 ECTS) can be awarded for your contribution.

For further information/questions and statements of interest, please send a mail to: graduate-studies-support@charite.de

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