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RoKoCon2021 // October 28 - 29 / Registration Deadline: July 1

News vom 27.05.2021

Dear DRS students,


on behalf of the RoKoDoKo (Robert Koch Doktoranden Kolleg), we hereby would like to invite you to the RoKoCon2021, taking place during the 28th and 29th of October 2021 at the Robert Koch Institute in Wernigerode. The RoKoCon (Robert Koch Conference) is a 1.5-day event organized by, and for doctoral, master and bachelor students, as well as early-stage postdocs. Our goal is to connect young scientists from diverse research fields to broaden their horizons and foster conversations as well as new collaborations. Attendees will have the possibility to present their work with either a poster or oral presentation.

We are currently planning to cover a wide range of topics from the fields of microbial research, bioinformatics, epidemiology/public health, and virology/immunology with a selection of exciting guest speakers. Of course, with the current situation in mind, we are well aware of the possibility that it might not be feasible to host a conference such as the RoKoCon during the fall of this year. If for any reason we cannot host the event in person, we are planning to set up an online version of the event. Nonetheless, we are very hopeful that the RoKoCon2021 can once again be a sociable event this year.


To register for the RoKoCon2021, please use the following link: https://terminplaner4.dfn.de/ATRK6Adn3WtwJmTL

(Please note that the last survey we sent out a few weeks ago was not yet the official registration!)

The registration deadline is the 1st of July. Please state whether you want to present your work through a talk or poster. It's worth it to hurry with your registration since early-bird registrants will receive a mystery gift during the event ;)

Please feel free to forward this email to your colleagues and students in case they might be interested.


If you have any questions, feel free to write to us at rokodoko@rki.de.


We are looking forward to seeing you at the RoKoCon2021!


PS: There will be a bus transfer for the arrival and departure from Berlin. Furthermore, we will take care of the reservation of your accommodation in Wernigerode, if desired.


PPS: If you are wondering how we define an early-stage postdoc: if you feel like one, then you are cordially invited to participate in the RoKoCon2021! :)


Best regards,

Your RoKoCon2021-Team


Anna Sommer, Isabell Ramming, Jacqueline Schürmann, Lena Hümmler, Silver Wolf, Tim Engelgeh


Registration deadline: 01.07.2021

Abstracts deadline: 30.09.2021

RoKoCon2021: 28./29.10.2021

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