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New Voices in Infection Biology vSeminar Series - MPI for Infection Biology

News vom 11.05.2020

Dear all,

The MPIIB has returned to the lab to start experiments. While it's exciting to do science again, there is one aspect still missing in these times: a lively and interactive seminar series. Institute seminars are where we get to listen to cutting edge science from across the globe.  To stay connected in these times of social distancing and create a platform where we can learn about new science happening across the world, we are launching a virtual seminar series.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be updating you on seminars that you can stream live, no matter whether you are working at home or the Institute. Also, we will be inviting the world to listen and learn with us! We will be leveraging the MPIIB twitter account to promote our speakers and let scientists join our seminar series. While we may be social distancing let’s take this opportunity to build bridges with other scientists across the globe!

In contrast to our regular seminar series, this seminar series will focus on early career researchers. Why? The economic devastation of COVID19 will mean that many universities and institutes around the world will have hiring freezes and budget constraints. The result of this will be a hyper-competitive job market for young scientists. Travel bans will mean young scientists will be unable to travel to job interviews, conferences or even take up new jobs. This seminar series aims to give early-career researchers (ECRs) visibility and a platform that they can communicate their latest work. Plus, we get to listen to scientists at the top of their games presenting their new science!

How will this work?

You will receive a Zoom link 30 minutes before the talk goes live. Please sign in using your full name.

This is great! Can I share this with my friend/colleague at another institute/university?

Great Idea – please ask your friend to send a message to this email to sign up (vseminars@mpiib-berlin.mpg.de).

Awesome! When does it start?

Next week! On May 13th Enfu Hui (Assistant Professor UCSD) will be talking on ‘Biochemical Mechanism of Immune Checkpoints’ @ 4pm.

Best wishes,

The MPIIB Research Group Leaders

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