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Leaning German

Prospective students should take care in good time to refresh their language skills or even learn new ones. Freie Universität Berlin offers many opportunities for this first step towards studying.

Self-study center

The self-study centre offers a variety of possibilities for independent learning of a foreign language. Materials for learning 27 languages are available there. In addition to personal support, there are also PC workstations, DVDs, newspapers and magazines as well as group workstations.

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Language Tandem

In addition, the self-study centre establishes contact between those interested in a language tandem. Such a tandem consists of two interested people from different mother tongues teaching each other their mother tongues and discussing the topics of their choice. All in all a very authentic and practical way to learn a language. The self-study centre is available for ideas and materials.

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German courses

The Welcome@FUBerlin programme offers language courses for prospective students without previous knowledge as part of a semester.

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