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Erasmus+ Mobility

Partneruniversitäten BCP

Partneruniversitäten BCP
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ERASMUS+ Mobility

Erasmus+ Info-Day

1st December 2021

10 am - 1 pm ONLINE

BCP - Erasmus+ Q&A-Session

1st December 2021

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

You can send us an e-mail with 2-3 suggestions for an additional online meeting AFTER 1st Dec. 2021, in case you had any further questions (please make sure to use your zedat/FU-email-address): erasmus@bcp.fu-berlin.de.

The Erasmus+ Program is one of the many different ways to spend one semester or even one year at a partner university of your department (Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy [BCP]). Courses or practical trainings from abroad can sometimes be integrated as part of your study program at the Freie Universität afterwards. Sometimes, this can even be a prerequisite for being supported via Erasmus+, but this might change depending on current circumstances (number of people applying, budget left for a particular year and so on). The Erasmus+ exchange is a relatively easy way to study abroad, because the home as well as the partner university usually help during the preparation and organization of the stay. You can choose from a variety of partner universities of your particular subject of study.

You can find an overview about all partner universities here: International Exchange Opportunities.


There, you will find among many other important information, a lot of useful facts collected by students who did spend some time at a particular partner university and are talking about it: read more: “Erfahrungsberichte”.

You can find some more general information about the Erasmus+ program, the application procedure, and some useful hints about how to prepare the stay abroad here: FU ERASMUS+


Please pay attention to the particular study level that can differ for different partners. For example, some of our partner universities might only accept Master or PhD-level students. You will not be able as a Bachelor student for example to apply for such a partner. You also need to check (use the filter function) whether your subject of study is listed for a particular university. As a biochemistry student, you will not be able to apply for a chemistry exchange even if no other chemistry student applied.

Next, you research at the partner university, which courses might be interesting for you, fit in your study program and could be included by the Freie University Berlin. Once you have such a list, it might be good to talk to your Erasmus+ coordinator


whether your choice of courses and your suggestion about the courses you would want to “replace them with” at the Freie Universität make sense and are valid.

In case you have any more questions about any particular partner universities or the application procedure which you cannot find the answers for in the descriptions below, please contact


Application procedure:

-please send all application documents as ONE PDF that carries your name to:


Your application should contain the following documents:

-Online Application document (deadline 31st January)

Please do not wait until the very last minute (or day!!) with this document, because sometime, there had been some technical problems due to the heavily used system on that day and after the 31st January, the document cannot be accessed anymore. In case you do have any trouble saving or sending this PDF document even before the deadline, please contact: outgoing-erasmus@fu-berlin.de and please describe them your problem.

-short motivation letter (describe briefly why this particular university is interesting for you, which courses or research areas are so attractive or fit so well into your study program).

-short CV

-learning agreement: please do not send this to a partner university during the application procedure yet, but include it as one part of the PDF. Please fill in the information of the two tables within the “before the mobility”-section to show that you already have an idea about courses you might be able to take at your university of choice (only for the first priority) and how you might be able to fit those into your study program at home (Learning Agreement (.docx, .pdf) - bis 2020/21)  http://www.fu-berlin.de/studium/international/studium_ausland/erasmus/formulare/

-your transcript of records: here, you can just include a print version from Campusmanagement, without any further verification.

-language certificate: for the language in which the courses are taught. Even if the partner university itself does not require any certificate, the application procedure requests such a document. The certificate cannot be older than 2 years and the minimum level is B1. Sometimes, partner universities request even higher levels. Please check first within the information given here: International Exchange Opportunities. Language certificates can be requested at the Sprachenzentrum


at the FU Berlin or from other institutions.

-confirmation of enrolment (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung)

In February, we will already contact you upon a positive decision and will inform you about any further steps.

Important: please make sure the language level on the certificate shows at least the level B1 or any higher level, in case the partner university required that.