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Education commission of the department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy

The education commission is to be established by the department council. Half of all members must be students.



Prof. Dr. Mathias Wernet
Prof. Dr. Christoph Schalley
Prof. Gerhard Wolber (Vertretung)

Research Assistants

Dr. Jens Peter Fürste
Dr. Anette Kietzmann
Christin Manthey


Thorben Bengt Kurzbach (Chairman)
Christopher Witzany (Assistant Chairman)
Marie Dannemann (Biology)
Marius Göbel (Chemistry)
Paula Leupold (Biochemistry)
Maximilian Schäfer (Pharmacy)



Prof. Dr. Ursula Koch (Biology)
Prof. Dr. Christian Müller (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Prof. Dr. Maria Christina Parr (Pharmacy)

Research Assistants

Dr. Dirk Mikolajewski (Biology)
Dr. Sabine Streller (Chemisty and Biochemistry)
Dr. Ingo Siebenbrodt (Pharmacy)


Laura Knüppel (Biology)
Helen Wildenauer (Biochemistry)
Evangelia Nathanail (Biochemistry)
Justus Wollburg (Chemistry)
Alina Schmalz (Chemistry)
Nico Reimann (Pharmacy)


The Education Commission of the Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy is supported by other Education Commissions, which are responsible for disciplines of the department:

Working Group Biology

Working Group Chemistry

Working Group Pharmacy