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Message from the "Zedat" about a new E-Mail-Account

If you think this seems not to be unimportant, you are completely wrong! Read the letter carefully!

When you are enroled to the FU Berlin you will receive a letter from the Zentraleinrichtung für Datenverarbeitung (ZEDAT) (=center for data processing), that a new E-Mail-account has been prepared for you which has to be activated.

Please consider that this account is needed for validation on using several important ressources of the university!


  • Course registration in the Campusmanagement.
  • WLAN-access on the campus area.
  • Searching chemical literature with SciFinder
  • Data access to several ressources of the FU Berlin (e.g. data basis, library catalogues).

If you like to use these ressources both at home and on the campus you need the VPN-Client. You should download and install it immediately if you have got your ZEDAT-Account. With the VPN-client your own computer is treated like a campus computer even when you are using it at home.

During your studies at the FU Berlin you will also have to use the ZEDAT-Mail, because when we are going to contact you we will use your ZEDAT mail address.


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